I had an absolutely marvelous Thanksgiving, thank you for asking. And
now, because really it’s shameful that I forewent this hallowed
Internet Tradition on the appropriate day, a list of things I am
thankful for in no particular order but with the most important bits at
the top:

snooze time!

mean obviously I am incredibly grateful for Stuart and how he inspires
and challenges me in a billion different ways every day (betcha didn’t
think anyone could do anything a billion times a day – that’s hyperbole
for you!) but I’m also more shallowly grateful that he is silly and
loves our very silly dog and enjoys being photographed being silly
with the aforementioned silly dog. I am madly in love with Stuart and
Nano in that order (sorry Nano but you don’t put my socks on for me
when I’m sick).

I am also this year grateful a little for
myself because I have challenged myself in some small but fundamental
ways this year and truth be told, I wasn’t at all sure I’d pull through
on the goals I set for myself humble though they were, but actually
I’ve made some headway on all of them and I have surprised myself by
doing so – it had been a directionless time and I’ve gone some ways to
rectifying that so there you have it, a very self-inflating entry on
this list but it’s true.

I am eternally grateful for my awesome
family. My parents who are so generous and thoughtful you wouldn’t
believe me if I told you how generous and thoughtful but let’s just cap
that by saying they frequently drive two hundred miles to see me and
help us with stuff. Which is awesome. And also for my amazing brother
Lui who hosts me in Houston and pours margaritas down my gullet and
stays up late talking about Stuff and is really the best brother you’ve
ever had, yes even you! And the rest of my family also obvs because
even though they are far away they are also awesome.

I am
thankful for YOU, all of you, because you like me and encourage me
(May!) and email me thoughtful recipes (RA!) and are snarky with me and
then send me awesome books in the mail (Simon!) and have become my
dearest friends (Kate and Jen!) and go to see stupid movies with me and
edit my essays (Anna!) and obviously marry me (Stuart!) and I’m not
linking to all of you because I’m lazy but you know I adore you.

also thankful for my amazing friends who inspire me, when I look around
and realize they’re doing what they love, and they’re picking
themselves up and starting over, and they’re being bold with their
lives, and they’re turning on dimes, and they’re creating art that’s
worthwhile, and they’re constantly IMing me with little ‘beep!’s all
week even when nothing is new and we’re all inundated with work, and
they’re graceful and magnanimous and have I mentioned they’re all
incredibly attractive? They ARE.

And I’m grateful for New York,
which suits me so perfectly that I can’t yet imagine living anywhere
else although I know one day I will, and I’m grateful for the beautiful
apartment we live in, and I’m grateful that there’s chili bubbling on
the stove because it’s Sunday night and Sunday nights are chili nights,
because I’m a creature of habit, as if you didn’t know that.

in sum, I’m grateful for this little life I’ve carved out with a
beautiful husband and a nervous dog in a dynamic, breathtaking city
with my passel of fierce inspiring friends and HEY! It’s time for
chili. Come over sometime?