In the time-honored Internet Tradition, I have posted a photo in lieu of actually telling you anything interesting. Looks like this return to blogging is going well! Some things I’m not blogging about because I am busy doing them instead:

– getting a behaviorist for my dog and his weird ongoing harness issues. YES! My father will tell you we might as well move to California now, hopeless yuppies that we are. My dad also doesn’t have to deal with Nano peeing in fear when he sees his harness. Bring on the psycho-analysis!

– learning how to be a runner. See how I am humble this year about how I have to LEARN how to do things instead of throw myself at them repeatedly and without any formal processes and then moan about how the brick wall is hurting my head? PROGRESS.

– waiting to hear about Stuff I Can’t Tell You Yet But Doesn’t Involve a Baby, Don’t Worry.

– eating clementines and drinking tea. Lots of tea.

– writing (did you hear that chorus of angels? I KNOW!).
What are you up to, Internets?