I recently got a new laptop and just now, sitting on the couch with tea and a sleeping dog and the bulk of Saturday’s New York Times, it occurred to me that I have a lot to tell you, I have a lot that I owe to this space, and wouldn’t you know it: I hadn’t even created a button in my bookmark bar for this blog’s log-in. I think that says a lot, it says too much, and for that I’m sorry, what three of you are left (Simon, my mother, someone else).

I start graduate school on the same day that Obama starts his job. I sort of like that; it feels like an auspicious day to Start Shit. And I am so into starting shit in 2009; it’s the year for starting shit. I hope you’ve got some shit you’re starting up and fiercely, too.

That was a lot of swearage, sorry. It was said with hope.

Anyway, I start graduate school; more precisely, I’m enrolled at Pratt for the mouthful they call librarianship these days – Master of Information and Library Science. That’ll be me in *mumble mumble* years, however long it takes me to cram thirty-six credits into my life. I’m an overachiever on paper so let’s say two years, okay? You can buy me a drink when I’m wrong.

I’m going to continue to work at my Awesome Non-Profit Job through school, if they’ll have me, which I think they will. That job, oddly, is part of what sent me giggling into the arms of library science; conversely to all my solitary word-wrangling, I enjoy being at the center of this little office, this little organization that relies on me and my, well, organization. Plus c’mon, you people just know I want to rip my clothes off and run screaming through the Dewey Decimal System. Metaphorically. The view from here looks like I’ll be concentrating on legal librarianship, for obvious reasons. Of geekness.

Now let’s discuss why this my first post of 2009: I don’t know. I’m working on understanding my motivations here, and my reticience therein, and this blog is still only half-way to how I want it to look but I’m working on that too. I flatly refuse to do anything so dramatic as to question the point of all this, c’mon, we know there’s point!, but I do still love this space and think about it often even though I can’t find the words that belong here all the time. I’m hoping my new life (now with 100% more studying!) is going to provide some much-needed fertilizer around here.

Happy 2009. Y’all come back now, y’hear?